Renewable Energy is becoming Base Load. The world is moving towards increase use of renewable energy. The problem is that wind and solar energy suffer from intermittency, thus posing an elementary question mark on the ability of the grid to rely on them as main power sources. AROTHRON's energy storage solution enables use of Wind and Solar power for constant and reliable electricity supply

It is known that CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) is the most cost-effective bulk energy storage BUT uncommon due to geological and regulatory constrains. AROTHRON overcomes these limitations thus expanding substantially the low-cost energy storage market, by storing compressed air in large and rigid man-made structures anchored to the sea base. The hydrostatic pressure of the surrounding water enables construction of large tanks at very low cost!






storing compressed air in large and rigid structures anchored to the sea base


Power plants/utilities/coastal cities
Offshore wind turbine farms
solar energy farms


Comparing with other energy storage methods (Pump hydro, batteries, etc.), UWCAES is advantageous in several parameters


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