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Renewable Energy is becoming Base Load. The world is moving towards increase use of renewable energy. The downside  is that wind and solar energy suffer from intermittency, thus posing an elementary question mark on the ability of the grid to rely on them as main power sources. AROTHRON’s energy storage solution enables use of Wind and Solar power for constant and reliable electricity supply.

It is known that CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) is the most cost-effective bulk energy storage BUT uncommon due to geological and regulatory constraints. AROTHRONovercomes these limitations by storing compressed air under water, thus expanding substantially the low-cost energy storage market.


AROTHRON’s innovative solution focuses on storing compressed air in large and rigid man-made reservoirs anchored to the sea base, while the turbo machinery is based upon COTS (commercial off the shelf) products.  

The container comprises open pipes that allow water in and out, thus keeping a constant pressure, equal to the hydrostatic pressure on sea base.  

Special focus has been given to anchoring methods and to the tank’s design, externally and internally.

The solution is robust and sustainable for very long periods of time due to use of common marine-suitable  materials, such as concrete and steel.

Underwater currents and marine biology do not affect the solution.


  • In-out negligible relative pressure is the key to very low construction cost of large tanks.
  • Lowest LCOS (Levelized Cost Of Storage) compared to other energy storage methods!
  • Improved efficiency compared to underground CAES because air is compressed against constant pressure
  • Alleviation of certification and regulation processes due to its distance from populated areas.
  • No underwater sub-systems that require maintenance.
  • Same structure is suitable for all depths. Storage capacity can be regulated by interconnecting several containers.
  • Startup reliability and greater flexibility compared with gas turbine
  • Environment friendly


Technologies Economical Comparison (Based on Lazard analysis Dec.2016)

Arothron’s calculation assumptions:

  • Project Life span – 25 years
  • Power rating – 100MW
  • Power supply duration per day – 8 hours
  • Number of operation days per year – 350
  • Overall efficiency – 65%

Site properties

AROTHRON’s technology is especially suited to sites with the following characteristics:

  • Water depth greater than 200 meters, preferably 400 meters.
  • Regulatory authorities championing efficient electricity markets.
  • Energy markets with significant daily cyclical variation in prices.

About Us

Arothron Ltd, established in 2011, is a new enterprise in the field of Energy storage.

Our Advisory board includes civil engineer, electricity experts, thermal storage experts and energy advisors.

* Arothron is a member of the puffer fish family that can inflates its extended body with water until it is spherical

The Team

Sergio Koren

Sergio Koren

Managing director. Msc. In Aeronautical engineering. 25 years of experience in development and management of interdisciplinary projects for RAFAEL ltd. and for Better-Place ltd.

Ron Elazari-Volcani

Inventor. Founder and board director. experienced entrepreneur and developer.

Prof. Yehuda Kahane

Finance. Risk and insurance expert, Owns several venture capital funds and start-ups. Head of the Akirov Institute for Business and the Environment.

Advisory board:

Eng. Ephraim Maler:
Senior Civil engineer and constructor

Rotem Industries:
System engineering and energy advisors.

Dr. Dan Weinstock:
Former Head of the Electricity directorate in the ministry of national infrastructures.

Dr.Noam Gressel
An experienced environmental management specialist and cleantech entrepreneur.

Dr Ilan Suliman:
Owner and CEO of Ilan Suliman – Energy and Regulation Consulting Ltd. Former Deputy Chairman of the Israeli Public Utilities – Electricity Authority.