The concept is of storing compressed air in large and rigid structures anchored to the sea base. Unlike conventional underground CAES, the reservoirs are traditional civil engineered containers made of concrete and steel, constructed on shore.
The container has open pipes that allow water in and out, thus keeping a constant pressure equal to the hydrostatic pressure on sea base.

The Internal design is Suitable for large energy storage.

These facts in addition to innovative and inexpensive anchoring methods reduce the overall costs and make the whole idea worthwhile.

The installation process commences with building the container in a dock, then towing it to the storage site, sinking it, anchoring and
connecting pipes and cables.

Other technological features consist of: 

  • Low maintenance costs since there are no sub-systems that require maintenance underwater.
  •  Same structure is suitable for all depths. Storage capacity can be regulated by interconnecting several containers.
  •  The compression is against constant pressure therefore carried out at high efficiency.
  •  There is no need for a pressure regulator in front of the power generator because the pressure is constant.


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