The Market

It is a well-known fact in the energy community that CAES and Pumped–Hydro are the most mature and cheap methods for bulk and long storage.

 The main drawback of these methods is the fact that they are limited to geological and topographical formations.

AROTHRON's objective is to substantially expand the low cost CAES market by storing compressed air in large and rigid man-made structures anchored to the sea base


AROTHRON's technology is especially suited to markets with the following characteristics:   

  •  Water depth greater than 200 meters, preferably 400 meters.
  • Regulatory authorities championing efficient electricity markets.
  • Energy markets with significant daily cyclical variation in prices.


Potential clients include:

  • Power plants/utilities/coastal cities – Peak shaving and grid services
  • Offshore wind turbine farms - The ability to store the excess power and to improve availability of offshore power to the grid, would substantially improve the profitability and economics this resource.

  • Islands – Enhance dramatically the grid reliability by introducing an inexpensive and offshore electricity backup.




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